Seria: Evaluation

Rodzaj publikacji: Report

Rok wydania: 2009

Język: EN

ISBN: 978-83-7633-092-1

Wydawca: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development


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The book, which we are pleased to present, is a reflection of the debate going on in the Polish evaluation community. Our institution has always played an active role in this discussion. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has been involved in evaluation research for over ten years now. Publishing is one of the most important areas of our evaluation activity. The texts which you will find here are a selection of articles published under a PAED series devoted to issues linked with the area of evaluation research. The authors represent a group of researchers and scientists from leading Polish universities and institutions who have a rich experience in the evaluation of public interventions. This book has been divided into two main thematic axes dedicated to the most sensitive aspects of evaluation process – the methodological framework and socio-organisational context.

We hope that you will find this volume interesting and helpful. We are also positive that the topics discussed here will fit well into the areas of your expertise as the issues and concepts considered by the authors refer to universal challenges faced by the practitioners and recipients of evaluation studies, regardless of specific contexts of their activity.

Spis treści

Part I.
Evaluation in Organisations and Society
Possibilities and limitations concerning the use of evaluation outcomes by public institutions
Social capital – the prerequisite and the effect of successful evaluation
Process of ex-post evaluation – conceptualisation, operationalisation, implementation of evaluation survey
Interactive aspects of evaluation process: between analysis and animation of social change

Part II. Methods of Evaluation
Causal effect in evaluation
Application of propensity score matching in ex-post evaluation
Network analysis: methods and application in evaluation
Application of economic modelling results in the process of Cohesion Policy evaluation
Indicators in ex-post evaluation of public programmes
Mechanisms of selecting assessment criteria for ex-post evaluation
Application of the CAWI technique in evaluation researc
Methods of increasing the responsiveness in online surveys

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